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What is an effective estimator?

An individual that understands and can engineer the entire repair process from vehicle intake through quality control and delivery. One who can effectively communicate with insurance companies, technicians, customers.

The technician controls the quality of the repair

But who controls the repair process?

Depending on your business model one or more people may be involved in this process, however, whether it is one person or three, they all contribute important information to the repair file. Estimating is not as simple as learning to use a computer program. It requires skills such as:

  • Understanding vehicle design & the flow of collision energy
  • Knowledge of the parts of the vehicle and their functions
  • Understanding structural function and repair
  • Understanding how to bid judgment times
  • Understanding how to bid refinish times
  • The ability to research and apply product and manufacturer procedures
  • And much more


How do you know if your estimators are all on the same page?

Most shops struggle with this question because they really don’t know. Many shops have no idea where to start or they just look at a few KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) they learn from their DRP partners. To really understand an estimator’s performance, we must look at many of their KPIs in conjunction with several other factors.