Accountable Estimating, LLC is developing the first of its kind Estimator Technician Certification. This certification has 3 levels. Estimators will need to complete 12 level 1 core courses to attain the Estimating Technician level 1 certification, 7 level 2 core courses to attain the Estimating Technician level 2 certification and 5 level 3 core courses to attain the Master Estimating Technician certification.

Our courses are presented in modules that are designed to take no more than 30 minutes to complete. This allows the learner to take the training in small, manageable increments, remain at their desk, and in production, while they complete the training. It also allows the learner to immediately implement what they learned. This type of training model keeps the training costs of the shop to a minimum, because it eliminates the need for employee overtime, travel and travel related expenses.

We currently have two courses available for purchase.    

Collision Photography:

Do you realize that the root cause of many of the issues your shop faces every day are directly related to the images you take? Taking good, quality images that accurately capture the damage on the vehicle and successfully justify the charge on the estimate is not as easy as pointing a camera, tablet or iPhone at the vehicle and pressing the shutter button. It takes knowledge of how to properly frame the image, proper lighting, use of shadows, supplemental tools and techniques, and more, to be able to take the very best images possible. In the Collision Photography course, we teach these things in an easy to understand format, which allows the learner to start putting their newly learned knowledge into practice immediately. This course also provides the learners with an understanding of how the bill payers view the images and the different ways the images are used by them to determine liability, justify the bill and potential subrogation recovery.       

Estimating Plastic Repair:

Accountable Estimating is proud to have partnered with Polyvance to create the Estimating Plastic Repair course. Polyvance has set the standard for plastic repair in the collision industry with the introduction of their Nitrogen Plastic Welder. Now, Accountable Estimating is helping Polyvance introduce their Plastic Bumper Repairability Scale to the industry. With the OEM’s issuing more complete position statements regarding if and when a plastic bumper can be repaired, it is becoming more difficult for estimators to determine if a plastic part can be repaired in a profitable manner. Estimating Plastic Repair teaches the estimator how to identify the different types of plastics, the three main methods of plastic repair, and how to apply the OEM repair recommendations and P-page logic to make the best repair vs. replace decision.

Our training is powered by Ami (Automotive Management Institute) and qualifies for Ami credits as well as credit towards the Accountable Estimating Technician Certification.

Give your estimators a Certified Advantage with Accountable Estimating training