Damage Assessment
for Safe Repairs

Damage Assessment
for Safe Repairs

Damage Assessment
for Safe Repairs

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Do you take notes and photos at the vehicle and then sit at your desk to write your estimate? Don’t do that!

Vehicles Communicate With Each Other Better than Shops And Bill Payers Do!
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We teach the language for success!

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Writing an estimate that does not include all procedures required by the OEM can cost someone their life!

We Will Review Your Estimating Work Product
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Are you confident your estimators are capturing all the damages on the estimate? We are confident they are not!



Who benefites from our training?


Our training is designed for all employees that contribute to the damage assessment, repair file and quality control processes.
Auto Claim Representative


Maximixe employee performance!


Our training helps your staff build consensus in their estimates. Learning to write a more thorough and complete initial estimate means few supplements, and that means less wasted time in production.


Learn how to build bulletproof repair files.


Proper repair documentation is a necessity in today's litigious society. Building a complete repair file means more than just grabbing a copy of the tow bill, parts invoices and the repair estimate.


Learn to capture every minute and every dollar.


The direct result of taking Accountable Estimating training is a more accurate estimate, which should result in increased profitability for all stakeholders.

Do you have a clear picture of your collision repair business?

Damage Assessment

The goal of every shop should be to write an accurate and complete repair oder the first time. Eliminating supplements increases throughput, reduces cycle time and benefits the shop, the bill payer and most importantly the vehicle owner.

Throughout the Repair

Are you following all OEM required repair processes? Are you confident that every vehicle that leaves your shop has been restored to the safety and functionality the OEM intended? Are you confident that your repair files are bulletproof?


“You guys where great, coming out to our shop for the day and showing my team where we can gain hours on every job, was so worth it!!!! Thanks for the training in an area we need help in to add money to the bottom line!!!”

-Dino DiGiulio, Body Best Sonoma

 “Accountable Estimating has helped our team understand the importance of an accurate estimate and the power of documentation. Roger has created a business that has an incredible ability to shed a new light on a traditional way of doing business. More importantly for me, Roger genuinely cares for the direction of our company and always encourages us to align ourselves to be stronger in the future.”

-Matthew McDonnel, Owner of Big Sky Collision Center and A&D Auto Body Repair, Inc

“Roger Cada is an excellent resource for any collision center looking to improve its operations and produce greater profits. Roger and his team maintain high standards of professionalism and thoroughness. I recommend Accountable Estimating to any collision repair business interested in making a positive impact in their business.”

-Josh Byers, Automotive Color Supply

“It is my belief that all of the estimatics training going on in the U.S. today, there is not one better qualified, passionate and insightful than Roger Cada and Accountable Estimating”

-Larry Baker Owner, Baker Collision Express

“Roger Cada and his team are among the most knowledgeable estimating professionals in the industry, and it is reflected in Accountable Estimating’s online courses.”

-Jeff Peevy, AMi President & CIC Chairman

Our Training Products

Live Training

Practice makes perfect! Everyone has heard this phrase at least once in their life; “While perfection is a noble goal, it is practice that makes us proficient at our skillsets.”

Our Live Virtual Webinar training provides expert coaching and the opportunity to practice the skills learned. Accountable Estimating™ classes and online courses provide the tools and practice builds the foundation. Start building a team of highly efficient professionals that have the knowledge to capture every dollar spent to safely repair vehicles.

On-Demand Courses

Details matter! That is not just a great slogan, it is the truth. Our on-demand estimating training courses provide the reason why each task is important, how to perform it efficiently and the history behind the collision industry practice. We believe in teaching an individual to fish, rather than giving them fish tacos.

Each course is divided into modules that are never longer than 30 minutes. Students learn at their own pace in their own place. 


Now hear this! Conferences, Trade Shows, Corporate or Association Events or one-on-one with your collision business, Accountable Estimating™ has the experts in:

  • Auto damage assessment
  • Documenting damages, repair and quality control
  • Collision photography
  • Bill payer negotiations
  • Collision KPI interpretation and application
  • Employee Performance Managment