Make Your Photos Work For You!

Holding a camera does not make a photographer any more than holding a hammer makes a body technician.

  • Do you realize your photos are evidence?
    • For Payment
    • For Documenting Repair Processes & Procedures
    • For Documenting & Confirming the Quality Control Process
    • Legal Documentation
    • Internal Communication

Poor photos increase time on the phone explaining repair decisions

Collision Repair Shops in the U.S.A.


of Shops Do NOT Seek Any Training


of Shops Seek Some Training

Don’t Be in the 65%!

More Detail On Collision Photography

Do you realize that the root cause of many of the issues your shop faces every day are directly related to the images you take? Taking good, quality images that accurately capture the damage on the vehicle and successfully justify the charge on the estimate is not as easy as pointing a camera, tablet or iPhone at the vehicle and pressing the shutter button. It takes knowledge of how to properly frame the image, proper lighting, use of shadows, supplemental tools and techniques, and more, to be able to take the very best images possible.

In the Collision Photography course, we teach these things in an easy to understand format, which allows the learner to start putting their newly learned knowledge into practice immediately. This course also provides learners with an understanding of how the bill payers view the images and the different ways the images are used by them to determine liability, justify the bill and potential subrogation recovery.

On-Demand Course Pricing

Accountable Estimating™ On-Demand courses are developed with your production environment in mind. Each course is constructed in modules that are no longer than 30 minutes in length. This allows students to work training in throughout their work day, and the training can then be put to use when it is the freshest in the students mind.

Collision Photography

Learn what camera settings and adjustments to use no matter the type of camera; digital, smartphone or tablet you use. Students learn how to use tools, tips and techniques to take photos that answer questions instead of create them.

Students learn:

  • how to take damage, repair process and quality control photos
  • how your photos are used
    • by an insurance company
    • in legal proceeding
    • how they can used within your business.
Estimators / Blue Printers/ CSR’s / Owner’s / Managers

$129 per student

Call for bulk purchase pricing


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