Estimating Plastic Repair

Increase Repair Profit

Knowing when to repair or replace plastic parts affects the bottomline.

  • Has your shop invested in plastic repair equipment?
  • Is the equipment collecting more dust than revenue?
  • Your techs are trained to repair plastic so why are they not using the equipment?
  • The answer may be that your estimators do not understand how to bid plastic repair.

In order to increase fuel mileage the OEM’s use many different materials in vehicle construction. By 2020 plastics will be as much as 20% of the total vehicle weight. 

Get the ROI on your equipment by training your Estimators to bill for it!

Estimators Learn

  • How to identify the plastic substrate

  • Determine if the plastic is repairable

  • Determine the method of repair

  • Determine the severity of damage to more accurately bid the repair time

  • How to use the Plastic Bumper Repairability Scale

  • And much more

Collision Repair Shops in the U.S.A.


of Shops Do NOT Seek Any Training


of Shops Seek Some Training

Don’t Be in the 65%!

More Detail On Estimating Plastic Repair

Accountable Estimating is proud to have partnered with Polyvance to create the Estimating Plastic Repair course. Polyvance has set the standard for plastic repair in the collision industry with the introduction of their Nitrogen Plastic Welder. Now, Accountable Estimating is helping Polyvance introduce their Plastic Bumper Repairability Scale to the industry.

With the OEM’s issuing more complete position statements regarding if and when a plastic bumper can be repaired, it is becoming more difficult for estimators to determine if a plastic part can be repaired in a profitable manner. Estimating Plastic Repair teaches the estimator how to identify the different types of plastics, the three main methods of plastic repair, and how to apply the OEM repair recommendations and P-page logic to make the best repair vs. replace decision.

On-Demand Course Pricing

Accountable Estimating™ On-Demand courses are developed with your production environment in mind. Each course is constructed in modules that are no longer than 30 minutes in length. This allows students to work in training throughout their work day, and the training can be put to use when it is the freshest in the students mind.

Estimating Plastic Repair

Estimating Plastic Repair is an online, self-paced course designed to educate collision damage estimators and technicians on determining the repairability of damaged plastic parts. The course is designed to educate someone with no prior knowledge of plastics or the repair of plastics to the point where they can confidently discuss the differences in plastic types and repair methods with technicians, and to be able to quickly determine whether a damaged plastic part is a candidate for repair or if it should be replaced.

Estimators / Blue Printers/ CSR’s / Owner’s / Managers

$129 per student

Call for bulk purchase pricing


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