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The technician controls the quality of the repair

But who controls the repair process?

Depending on your business model, one or more people may be involved in the repair planning process. Whether it is one person or three, they all contribute important information to the repair file. Estimating is not as simple as learning to use a computer program, it requires skills such as:

  • Understanding vehicle design & the flow of collision energy
  • Knowledge of the parts of the vehicle and their functions
  • Understanding structural design, function and repair
  • Understanding how to bid appropriate judgment times
  • Understanding how to bid refinish times
  • The ability to research and apply product and manufacturer procedures
  • And much more

Our consultants and trainers are experts in the field of estimating and repair planning with over 110 years of combined experience in both the collision repair and insurance industries. Collectively, our trainers have trained over 7,000 estimators and estimating staff and they bring an innovative approach to building bulletproof repair files.

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Our expert speakers draw their estimating expertise from years of collision repair, auto insurance appraisal and estimator training at the highest levels of the industry. Their combined expertise of actual collision repair experience, real world estimator performance evaluation, and hands on training, equip our experts to provide unique and innovative points of view and proven effective solutions.


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