Live Virtual Training Webinars

Have you ever been excited to get back to work and implement the new information you learned while attending an off-site half or full day training seminar…


only to find that once you get back to your shop, things don’t work as well for you as they did while the trainer was demonstrating them?

Why Does This Happen?

Because in order to master a new task and be able to perform it effectively, it must be practiced and repeated over and over again. You must correct bad habits and create new good habits.

Scientists say it takes anywhere from 18 to 66 days for a person to learn or break a habit!

Are you ready to implement what you’ve learned?

Live Webinar Training and Coaching Provides:

  • Virtual Classroom Sessions
  • Join as a group or individually
  • Coaches available throughout the training period
  • Estimate and Repair File Reviews
  • Staff is trained based on their estimates and work product
  • Training for Estimators, Blueprinters, CSR’s and their Leadership

Initial Webinar

We introduce Accountable Estimating to your staff as well as letting them introduce themselves to us. We discuss common insurance principles everyone should understand as well as the state of the collision repair industry. In addition, we discuss the legal climate the industry is facing today. Our goal is to increase your staff’s understanding of important topics and industry issues.

1st Review Webinar

We introduce the Estimating SOP and begin training the first steps in it. Prior to the webinar, we review the repair files uploaded to us and provide training and coaching based on what we find. We hold a mirror to your work product and show you the good, the bad and the ugly, and then coach you on how to fix it.

2nd Review Webinar

We continue with our review of the Estimating SOP. We discuss vehicle structure, identifying structural damage and how to properly write it on your estimate. We continue our reviews of your estimates, expecting to see improvement on the issues discovered in the first review. We cover any additional issues discovered during the reviews.

Final Review Webinar

We complete the review of the Estimating SOP and discuss the findings of the final repair file review. Your team is showing improvement and we should be seeing that improvement in their estimates and repair files. Accountable Estimating is available throughout the 90-day training period to answer any questions and provide assistance with real world situations that your staff may need help with.



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