Verify Skills With Certified Training

Accountable Estimating™ has a roadmap of courses under construction to certify your estimators as Estimating Technicians™. We currently have 2 online courses available. Each successful course completion earns credits toward the Estimating Technician™ certification and also earns AMi elective credits for their Accredited Collision-Repair Estimator certifications. In addition, Estimating Plastic Repair is approved for 2 annual credit hours from I-CAR through Polyvance’s sustaining partnership.

Collision Photography

Photos are documentation and documentation is evidence. Learn how to accurately document with photos and build consistency among the estimating staff.

Estimating Plastic Repair

Shops earn more per labor hours when they perform repairs. Maximize your repair hours on plastic. Learn how to identify the type of plastic, severity of the damage and use the new Plastic Bumper Repairability Scale.

Collision Repair Shops in the U.S.A.


of Shops Do NOT Seek Any Training


of Shops Seek Some Training

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On-Demand Courses

Our on-demand courses are developed in “bite size” pieces so students can learn while they work in 30 minute or less modules.

Estimators / Blue Printers/ CSR’s / Owner’s / Managers

$129 each

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